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    One of the best advertisements for Halifax’s Dalhousie University is its alumni publication that feature the best and brightest of those that have walked their fabled halls. You can get your own copy of the magazine on their website if you think I’m kidding even a little bit. The Winter 2009 issue is available in PDF format for download.

    Dr. Shelly Whitman speaks of seeing children used as soldiers in third world countries when she teaches a course on children and war as part of Dalhousie University’s International Development Studies program. At the top of the second page of the story on her and her program, there’s a huge banner graphic, such as you see at the top of this post. This banner takes up half of the page, and quotes the good doctor;

    If everybody who is a parent thinks about their eight or nine year old in those circumstances, it would be unthinkable. Why is it unthinkable for us but okay in parts of the world that are more distant? We get resources from these parts of the world. What happens there affects us too. We can’t forget that.

    Huh? The first sentence of that was chosen among everything else she said in her interview to take up a huge chunk of page space. If everyone thinks about it, it would be unthinkable. Really? Perhaps she misspoke, but the editorial staff should never have chosen to highlight that line, and that becomes their failure too.

    These are the best and brightest of the alumni of Dalhousie University. I’m thinking that the degree isn’t worth the paper its written on if it comes from Dalhousie.


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