• Making New Friends, Destroying Memories

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    Early morning twitter conversation in which I destroy childhood icons for someone I’ve only just met.

    mercerch: So it’s 1am Saturday….. what to do.

    xinit0: kill an hour, and move all the clocks in your house ahead…

    mercerch: Thought the clocks did not change until 4am or something.

    xinit0: Like anyone will know… go on… change them now… @sarahsemark and I won’t tell ANYONE…

    sarahsemark: no way, dude. i’ll inform on anyone to the time police. they give you extra sleeping-time if you do!

    xinit0: There’s more sleep time involved. Calling now…

    mercerch: wow, and I get called geeky! I gotta introduce you two to my friends, ill look like the Fonz in comparison.

    xinit0: Like the Fonz? a guy who hangs out in a men’s bathroom in a diner all day and invites guys to sit on his thumb? Neato

    sarahsemark: THANK YOU for forever ruining whatever wholesome nostalgia i may ever have had about happy days. want to sully the care bears, too?

    mercerch: oh for the love of god don’t get him started!

    xinit0: Come on, there was something just not right with Happy Days… and you know it was all The Fonz

    xinit0: Is there anything about the Fonz that would not get him arrested if he were talking to a kid today?

    Arthur Fonzerelli; don’t let your kids near him…


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