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    Making New Friends, Destroying Memories

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    Early morning twitter conversation in which I destroy childhood icons for someone I’ve only just met. mercerch: So it’s 1am Saturday….. what to do. xinit0: kill an hour, and move all the clocks in your house ahead… mercerch: Thought the clocks did not change until 4am or something. xinit0: Like anyone will know… go on… […]

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    Now I Know Where I Am

    by  • 3/8/2009 • life • 0 Comments

    Latest version of Google Maps 3.0.2 for the Blackberry Storm actually pulls in my location correctly from GPS. Seems to guess a lot, and then zero in on where I am. Sometimes I see myself spontaneously making a run for the harbour. Wheeeee! I wonder if this is some crazed version of GPS that utilizes […]

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