• When you can’t do anything right…

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    Saw this story on the front page of technorati.com while I was looking for something else; apparently the conservative bloggers and professional reporters are up in arms over an event at a homeless shelter that Michelle Obama worked in this past week.

    The first lady visited a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter on Thursday, bringing fruit collected in a White House food drive and serving some of the shelter’s clients. That alone isn’t objectionable, of course. But some conservatives — sparked by a blog post from the Los Angeles Times’ Andrew Malcom — are in a tizzy over an Associated Press photo that shows a man taking a picture of Obama using a cellphone. — Salon

    Salon references the LA Times and Michelle Malkin as well as a real winner of a blog post from Kathy Shaidle

    Today’s “poor” are the rich Jesus warned you about: fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s…

    He spends all his (our) money on cellphones and, most likely, tattoos and drugs and booze and other crap, and has no money left for a home and food. And why should he bother? We pay for his shelter and food anyhow…

    What’s really funny in that news story by the way is what they’re serving at the soup kitchen: risotto with brocolli. Obviously some rich white liberal did the cooking that day, feeling all proud of herself, and what thanks did she get? Some lowclass loser going, “You expect me to eat this weird crap?!”

    Nobody knows who this guy with the cell phone is, if he’s homeless, if it’s his cell phone, or who pays the bill, but we can automatically assume that he is lazy and drug addicted? Hell, he might not even be in line for food; he could be from the neighbourhood and knew Obama was going to be there, and he was simply polite enough not to cut line.

    When did ‘pundit’ become synonymous with ‘douchbag’? Oh right, it’s always meant that.


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