• Nearly Bankrupt Paper Links to Bankrupt Artist

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    I was curious about some interesting traffic hits that I saw on my sitemeter stats today, hitting my earlier post about Michelle Obama that appear to have been referred by The New York Times.

    Sure enough, there I was with The Huffington Post, The New York Post and others. Dude. I’m part of the liberal media elite now; send cards and checks, gift baskets of wine, caviar and foie gras, etc to the address listed in my Contact page.

    This is so going on my resume with limited context; “In early 2009, my online writing was noticed by editors at the New York Times and proved a valuable resource in their research catalog.” Nobody needs to know that this was picked up by their news aggregater matching some keywords; though the wording in their description of Blogrunner seems to indicate active selection;

    “Blogrunner automatically monitors news articles and blog posts and tracks news events as they develop across the Web. Blogrunner alerts you to topics that are frequently linked to and commented upon. The publications tracked by Blogrunner are chosen by New York Times editors.

    Blogrunner is a New York Times company, and this says that at one time or another, a New York Times editor (between highballs) decided to index this site. Good enough for my CV.


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