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    I’ve listened to another couple hundred tracks, and managed to pull another 15 loosely themed tracks for your listening pleasure. I started with The Pack A.D. and picked 14 artists that I hadn’t heard of to go with the one I had.

    The band by the name of Nancy here is not the punk band from New York, but a six-piece from Brazil. In addition to them, we have artists from Cincinnati OH, Memphis TN, Austin and Houston TX, Danielsville GA, Vancouver BC, Stillwater OK, Jersey City NJ, Orange County and Venice CA, London UK, Winnipeg MB, and Aarhus Denmark.

    This time, I’m including the last.fm track play count that was featured on each artist’s page to the right of the link to their page on last.fm. The band with 6 plays is a cover band, so they likely haven’t released anything that people would play at home. Yes, they are an ABBA cover band, and StABBA doesn’t have much in the way of information on the SXSW website; just the single line

    “Five borderline autistic guys with a glitter obsession making ABBA a lot heavier. The way baby Jesus would want it.”

    Their MySpace page bills them as “the greatest rock/metal ABBA cover band ever!!!” I don’t imagine that there’s much competition in that field, however. in “Knowing Me…” I’m reminded of Hurra Torpedo’s cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – crazy but brilliant.

    1. Keep Cooler – Nancy 18,998
    2. I’m Your Negative – River City Tanlines 12,707
    3. Making Gestures – The Pack A.D. 15,795
    4. Gettin’ High for Jesus – Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs 71,034
    5. Let Me Down – Kim Taylor 17,855
    6. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Demo) – Stabba 6
    7. Pirates of the Oblivion – PowerSolo 39,738
    8. Little Toy gun – HoneyHoney 6,228
    9. Syrup – The Tontons 1,751
    10. Killing Him – Amy LaVere 23,856
    11. Put in a Little Gas – Colourmusic 19,268
    12. Golden Phone – Micachu 35,781
    13. Repetition – The Willowz 267,675
    14. Viva La Vinyl – Twilight Hotel 4,640
    15. Get On With It – Val Emmich 65,805

    Stream this playlist (M3U playlist)

    Download .zip file (54MB) of these 15 songs or get the 5+GB torrent of all the SXSW 2009 MP3 files.

    UPDATE: Check out part 1 of the Listening Party


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