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    Nearly Bankrupt Paper Links to Bankrupt Artist

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    I was curious about some interesting traffic hits that I saw on my sitemeter stats today, hitting my earlier post about Michelle Obama that appear to have been referred by The New York Times. Sure enough, there I was with The Huffington Post, The New York Post and others. Dude. I’m part of the liberal […]

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    SXSW 2009 MP3 Listening Party 2

    by  • 3/7/2009 • music • 1 Comment

    I’ve listened to another couple hundred tracks, and managed to pull another 15 loosely themed tracks for your listening pleasure. I started with The Pack A.D. and picked 14 artists that I hadn’t heard of to go with the one I had. The band by the name of Nancy here is not the punk band […]

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    When you can’t do anything right…

    by  • 3/7/2009 • politics • 1 Comment

    Saw this story on the front page of technorati.com while I was looking for something else; apparently the conservative bloggers and professional reporters are up in arms over an event at a homeless shelter that Michelle Obama worked in this past week. The first lady visited a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter on Thursday, bringing fruit […]

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