• Save the whales but torture the webmasters

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    In the event you’re technically skilled webmaster with a social consciousness and are looking for work, Greenpeace is hiring someone for their downtown Toronto office. The ad sounds like you’d be the sole person responsible for the entire English language Greenpeace online presence, generating content as well as maintaining the systems that provide the framework.

    For that, they’ll pay you $42,000 a year.

    Greenpeace Canada is seeking an experienced Webmaster to join our communications team. The Webmaster will administer Greenpeace Canada English Web sites, including design and content development, coordinate the creation of web content across a bilingual organization in collaboration with the Montreal Webmaster, and support campaigns, communications, fundraising and public outreach activities.

    • Extensive knowledge in technical aspects of Web site development, includinglayout and design;
    • Technical skills including: standards compliant HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL;
    • Experience working with a content management system, preferably open source;
    • Experience writing content for the Web and e-mail broadcasts;
    • Administrative experience on a Web site: DNS management, statistics, basic server configuration in a shared hosting environment;
    • Demonstrated aptitude and understanding of new media technologies as related to future web development, convergence and digital technologies;
    • Demonstrated understanding of online campaign strategies and techniques;
    • Knowledge of social networking sites (YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc…) and interest in leveraging the potential of these for extending the reach of our campaigns;
    • Ability to generate and sustain traffic, membership and involvement to Greenpeace Canada Web sites, online newsletters and donations modules;
    • Strong project management skills, organization and time management skills;
    • Ability to be flexible and work in a dynamic environment, sometimes under pressure;
    • Excellent communications skills (both written and verbal);
    • Ability to work independently and as well as collaboratively;
    • Understand and support Greenpeace’s core values including engaging in peaceful civil disobedience.

    To sum up, what Greenpeace seems to be looking for is someone with a sizable portfolio of web sites and projects and a large online portfolio, as well as a marketing slant to write copy. They want a social media expert who can not only run the website but drive new members to sign up and donate money. They want a project manager who can also keep these other 3-6 hats all in the air at the same time, and they want it all for $42,000 a year. A lot of expectations for one person and not a whole lot of compensation for someone living in Toronto.

    It really sounds like too big of a wish list for the price, and they’re going to have to deal with one of a couple scenarios: 1. hire someone who meets all the criteria who gets an offer within 6 months somewhere else for an extra $18K annually; 2. hire someone who hits one or two of the must-haves but fails to be able to learn anything else and you have to hire another human to do the rest; 3. hire a kid right out of college with a great portfolio, who has all the ideals and desire, but is an insufferable twat that nobody else would hire.

    Or maybe I’ve lost track of what a webmaster is expected to do for the compensation level they’re offered.


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