• Shouldn’t have passed Toronto

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    I was thinking about how we’d be able to get down to Atlanta in September for Dragon*Con if we were in Toronto rather than Halifax. Sure enough, there’s a well used rail line from Toronto to New York City, and a connection in Penn Station that heads down through Atlanta. The line through Atlanta terminates in New Orleans, which could be an option for another couple days if we were to pick up

    The image at the top of this piece is from the excellent Google Maps / Amtrak Map mashup

    The 15 Days (8 segments) USA Rail Pass is $389.00, and it appears not to cover travel from Toronto to the border, but if we got down to the US side, we could pick up there. Use two days and 2 segments to get down to Atlanta, stay for 5-6 days, and then use 2 more days on the way back. 9-10 days and 4 segments without really pushing it much.

    The trip from Atlanta to New Orleans is about 12 hours, so that would add two days and only one more segment (if we book return right from N.O. to N.Y.). Enough to go for a day or two of throwing rocks at Anne Rice’s house, at least…


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    1. yolangda
      5/23/2009 at 11:32 pm

      I will visit USA on January 2010. departing from Orlando. South Carolina, we will stay there about a week. Next Norfolk, Virginia,we will be there about 2 days. Boston, Mass, Michigan, New York and Niagara Falls. We are 2 adults. Will you please assist us planning our trip(route) . Thank You

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