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    Paul Bettany and his wife, Jennifer Connelly, play Charles & Emma Darwin in Creation

    I share the concerns already stated at Pharyngula about this description of the film; that Annie’s ghost is metaphorical and not an attempt to insert woo woo into the story. I would imagine that this spirit is but the memory of the girl, and not an actual specter.

    Hopefully the atheism of the star and others on the cast and crew speak to the metaphor and not the ectoplasm.

    Part ghost story, part psychological thriller, part heart-wrenching love story CREATION is the story of Charles Darwin and the single most explosive idea in history. Darwinís great, still controversial, book The Origin of Species depicts nature as a battleground. In CREATION the battleground is a manís heart.

    Torn between his love for his deeply religious wife and his own growing belief in a world where God has no place, Darwin finds himself caught in a struggle between faith and reason, love and truth. This is not the grey-bearded old man that most people imagine when they think of Darwin.

    The Darwin we meet in CREATION is a young, vibrant father, husband and friend whose mental and physical health gradually buckles under the weight of guilt and grief for a lost child. Ultimately it is the ghost of Annie, his adored 10 year-old daughter who leads him out of darkness and helps him reconnect with his wife and family. Only then is he able to create the book that changed the world.

    One poster on the Pharyngula thread, Menyambal, sums it up well;

    It says “Part ghost story,” which sounds like there is going to be an actual ghost woo-ing around, and “part psychological thriller” which may mean the ghost is in his head, implying the poor man is crazy. The “part heart-wrenching love story” also puts me off considerably.

    Desert Son hopes that the film doesn’t stop at ghosts, and pushes right on past to buddy flick;

    I, for one, hope the film will also delve into Darwin’s partnering up with a plucky, uneducated-but-earnest-and-streetwise pushcart vendor to fight crime outside the limitations of the good-intentioned-but-ultimately-ineffectual law! With explosions!

    It’s bad enough that Creationists have broken views of Charles Darwin as it is; we don’t really need people believing he was haunted in any but a metaphorical fashion. We definitely don’t need anyone thinking the man was crazy. I would, however, look forward to the version with explosions.


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