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    Stone of Destiny (2008)

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    If you were going to plan a heist that could land you in prison for the rest of your life, or even see you executed for treason, what would it be? Rubies? Gold? Art? Love? How about a large chunk of sandstone (66 cm x 41 cm x 27 cm, weighing approximately 152 kg)? Sound […]

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    My dentist doesn’t have t-shirts

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    From Tom Ellard’s (Severed Heads) recent blog entry, likely a more accurate survey has never been released on how people really view music. Using advanced brain scanning techniques to find out what people REALLY mean, Tom brings us the truth. Survey: Music Industry Perceptions 09 February 8th, 2009 This study was conducted by the Centre […]

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    24 albums, with limited commentary

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    I’m not doing 25 albums, mostly out of some lame attempt to fool myself that I’m not participating in a meme. I accidentally read someone else’s list and started thinking about what albums I could think of that really affected me in fundamental ways. The trouble really came in narrowing it down to pieces that […]

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