• Tim Minchin sums it up well

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    I heard this little poem, Storm delivered by Tim Minchin a little while ago, and only after a small run-in with a homeopath today on facebook, did I remember to track this down. A Wandering Primate has transcribed it, and you can listen to the audio on Youtube;

    A small excerpt from aroudn the 5:30 mark;

    Science adjusts its views

    Based on what’s observed.

    Faith is the denial of observation,

    so that belief can be preserved.

    If you show me that, say,

    Homeopathy works,

    I will change my mind,

    I will spin on a fucking dime.

    I’ll be as embarassed as hell,

    Yet I will run through the streets yelling,

    It’s a MIRACLE!

    Take physics and bin it!

    Water has memory!

    And whilst its memory

    Of a long lost drop of onion juice is infinite,

    It somehow forgets all the poo it’s had in it.

    Also, a song about the dangers of a mind too open;


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