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    How the mighty…

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    I’m pretty sure I saw them in Vancouver, and it is a bit sad that they’re playing Halifax… Must be because Moncton booked them first. English punks UK Subs are playing in Halifax for one night and one night only: Monday March 30. Tickets are $15 (contact plaguedogproductions@yahoo.ca). Rocking4Dollars is moving to Sunday that week, […]

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    Updating the resume

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    Using some exceptionally helpful information I have found on a couple livejournal posts, I think it’s time to update the old resume again… I might just copy and paste chunks from the Cthulhu resume. I swear some of these entries should appear on my own resume, or I could see appearing on those of my […]

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    Intentional placement or not?

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    Texas screws us again by claiming that the Zombie Warning was a hack, and that there are in fact no zombies. That’s just what the zombie hores want from us; complacency. The story of the Texas Zombie warning sign is good, but its placement on Fox News’ web site is aided by the image of […]

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