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    They just get crazier

    by  • 10/29/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Apparently the total for clothing that the RNC purchased for the future Ice Queen American vice-President Sarah Palin is up to $150,000 in illegally acquired goods and services. McCain says it’s alright though, because Sawah has paid 1/3 of the money back. Former democratic speech writer Wendy Buttons explains why she’s switched her vote to […]

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    Smart people being dumb

    by  • 10/19/2008 • life • 0 Comments

    When you’re surrounded by people who have degrees, often advanced degrees, you’d think that they’d actually know something. Maybe they’re all majors in literature or something, but there are some basic things that I would assume that a ‘regular’ or computer science major would know. For example, you might think that they understand what a […]

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    Lies in taxation

    by  • 10/18/2008 • life • 1 Comment

    I keep hearing stories of people who are under the heavy burden of tax here in Canada. They use this heavy tax burden as part of their reasoning why they vote for the Conservative Party of Canada. They believe that their already high tax burdens will be lifted by these fiscally conservative superheroes. People post […]

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    A bit about health care – A DRAFT

    by  • 10/18/2008 • health, life • 0 Comments

    What follows is an early draft of an essay I’ve been poking at. The aim in this isn’t to claim that there aren’t problems in the Canadian health care system, but to dispel some of the bogus charges leveled at the system both from within Canada and from without. I need to add a handful […]

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    Don’t vote for plaigarists

    by  • 10/14/2008 • politics • 1 Comment

    Why I couldn’t vote for the NDP candidate with my “At least they’re not a Harperoid” vote today; the NDP would appear to not support openness, the ability to read, or the ability to think for one’s self. Yes, over 200 of them did submit their answers to the I Believe in Open call. A […]

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    Battle In Seattle (2008)

    by  • 10/12/2008 • movies • 1 Comment

    For four intense days last week, the city of Seattle was under siege: the air burned by the acrid scents of tear gas and pepper spray, the rain-slicked streets patrolled by hundreds of police in black riot gear, the air echoing with the rhythmic chants of peaceful protesters and the ugly sound of vandals smashing […]

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    This is the John McCain his supporters see

    by  • 10/12/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Despite any of his failings, this is the John McCain that his supporters see; someone who is charming, and works well with the public. He handles a difficult question with grace, and I think that the comment at the end of his answer was simply a light-hearted jest, despite what others might have said. Though… […]

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