• Chancing across a Chi Pig

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    It’s nice being in a real city, even if it’s only for a couple days. There is traffic and construction and people moving around at nine in the morning. I wasn’t able to check in early, so wandered off to find breakfast and take some photos.

    The streets are alive. There is a vibrancy in the fabric of the place. There is also a refreshing feeling of anonymity. It’s something I can only guess comes from being in a place where nobody cares where you are from or who you know. People from Halifax might call that an uncaring, unfriendly attitude, but I’ll take this over what Halifax calls friendly.

    There are posters up all over for live shows, club nights, events of all sorts. It doesn’t take long to find SNFU posters all around and follow them back to the origin at The Kathedral.
    I find an alley paralleling Queen West that is lousy with graffiti, with posted signs declaring ‘ARTISTS WELCOME.’ The quality is stunning in much of the work. There are stencil works and high quality colour paste ups…and yet the streets feel clean while retaining some character.

    I found a $4.25 breakfast, and it arrived looking good, with what appeared to be deep fried bacon. It was alright especially considering the price. As I was writing up notes in by book in the Java House on Queen and Augusta, head down, I hear another sound of the city…

    “Hey,you have any spare change?”

    I look up to answer, and I’m faced with a toothless, grinning Mr. Chi Pig. He and Ken from the band saw me from the street and even Ken recognized me. Chi is looking better than I ever remember seeing him. SNFU (save the drummer, who was off retreiving brand new merch from Purolator) sat down for the low rent breakfast as well.

    Back to the hotel around noon, I checked in and had a shower and laid around a bit… not really able to waste time sleeping, or risk falling dead unconcious and missing out on tonight’s show.

    I think it’s nearly lunch time… chicken schwarma with no illusions of being donair.

    The are no end of fabric, bead, finding stores around this area… if only I knew anyone who needed anything like that.


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