• Watching this may lower IQ

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    I don’t really want to give this guy any more attention than deserves. He’s already run past his 15 minutes of fame from his argument with Chris Angel on Phenomenon. This time, he’s going on about how James Randi is a counterfeiter, and how he has video proof!

    Randi is doing a simple demo of those counterfeit detection pens and how they don’t quite work.

    The comments from the video are amusing, as Jim Callahan defends himself and attacks Randi with a mix of junior high school debate techniques and elementary school spelling. Oddly, on this video he doesn’t respond to my own posts; perhaps it’s because he can’t defend himself.

    Some classic Jim responses to comments on the video;

    Jim: “Posibly [sic] Randi & the JREF are not the people to be thinkng [sic] for you.”

    Jim: “Because the JREF cult boys will do whatever they can to protect the cult.”

    Jim: “Second he is doing this with children present. What message does that send to kids?”

    Jim: I don’t need moral ground. What I do is legal.

    A slight re-edit of some of my comments in the thread follows; “you” in this case is Jim Callahan, The Paranormalist.

    Lying to the public and claiming paranormal abilities is legal… potentially amoral and disgusting, but legal.

    Wow… the stupid is amazing….

    Well, that Jim calls this a crime is the stupidest part of this video however.

    He used the ‘bill’ as an example and destroyed it at the end. It’s printed on standard paper in a standard photocopier? Then it should never be confused as the real thing due to size and feel differences.

    You target the stupid and the ignorant with your “mystical feats” in the same way that Sylvia Browne and John Edward do. Won’t YOU think of the children?

    You claim that people aren’t thinking for themselves, and can’t happen to agree with Randi without being slaves to the JREF?

    I independently came to the conclusion that you’re a fraud before I ever heard Randi speak of you. I used critical thinking to come to that conclusion.

    Thinking critically is the enemy of your type , and it’s ironic that you suggest people learn to think, when that’s the last thing you want. Hard for YOU to print money if the audience can see through you.

    Jim fancies himself the modern day Uri Gellar, which just makes him a limited talent who deals in lies. Go see Penn & Teller, Banachek, Derren Brown, or James Randi if you want to see amazing things without being condescended to. Seriously, if you have a chance to see Randi speak, go. He really is Amazing.


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