• Look Who’s Commiting Vote Fraud Now!

    by  • 9/12/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    Diebold apparently fixed the old, hackable systems that Princeton’s IT Security types exposed last election, and released newer, even more hackable systems this time around. Is the American election is going to be about who hacks the most systems in the most districts for their candidate?

    However the voting goes, the results could be contested, but the hack can’t be verified. Gosh, technology is great. I’m looking forward to CNN having to announce the news… “In a landslide victory, we would like to announce that it appears that the new president of the United States will be Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. Diebold has certified the election as accurate, as their verification techniques are completely without fail. In another interesting twist, all 35 seats that were up in the Senate have been won by a single, small cocker spaniel named Bubbles.”


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