• Human Shield in Winnipeg

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    The family of Tim McLean, a 22-year-old Winnipegger viciously murdered on a Greyhound bus, was able to pay their last respects in peace Saturday.

    Members of a fanatical American church who had promised to protest the funeral didn’t show up; but hundreds of strangers who wanted to show their support for the family did.

    There was also a heavy police presence at the church. Officers patrolled the area on bikes, by car, and from the church roof.

    Winnipeg police say they were prepared to make sure the family was protected from the protestors.

    About 500 other people, who came from around the city and in some cases across the border, had the same idea. They came prepared to link arms and hold up umbrellas if necessary, to block the protestors from view.

    The protestors did not show up, but friends and family still appreciated the show of support. Before the service started, they came out of the church to shake hands and thank those that had gathered.

    There’s more at CTV Winnipeg.

    Part of me wishes that the Phelps clan had showed up; if not just to see the anti-protest that was there, waiting. The Westboro Baptists are vile creatures, but they are serious cowards who must fear that their god might not protect them.

    I’m extremely impressed by the people of Winnipeg (and elsewhere) who showed up to silently show their support, at a distance. Some people in the US (read comments) though, are concerned that by not allowing these loons into Canada to protest, it sets a bad precedent…

    My own response to that thread where one of these people who stated “WTF? It’s totally not cool they got turned away at the border. Nobody should be stopped from protesting. No matter the context/situation. Why the hell does everyone approve of the border patrol for doing this?”

    Anyone can be turned away at the border when trying to enter a nation of which they are not a citizen; for any reason. Nose too big? DENIED! As a foreign national, you have NO right to enter the country.

    You also do not maintain whatever rights your nation gives you back home except where they overlap with ones that the nation you’re entering allows.

    You’d be amazed how many people claim that they have a first amendment right when they’re a guest in a Canada. We allow you many of the rights of citizens as a courtesy when you visit, as the USA does when we visit, but they’re privileges that can end if you wear out your welcome.

    The WBC were planning to enter Canada to cause mischief, and were denied. They can stand on your side of the border and exercise their first amendment rights all they want, but we don’t have to let them do it here

    Your right to unrestricted travel ends at your borders, people. After that, you’re relying on the kindness of strangers.


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