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    US Customs is confusing… so, I decided to ask them a question on their convenient FAQ system. Sadly, nobody seems to have asked this sort of question on the site yet… so

    As a Canadian citizen, I have been invited to attend and sell my artistic works in a show in the US. How do I import items for sale and sell them in the US?

    If I am traveling with my artwork (paintings and jewelry), and plan to sell the work myself (I will not be creating new works while there), what am I going to have to do in order to be in compliance; can this be done without paying bonds or applying for entrepreneur visas?

    Under NAFTA, the way I (not a lawyer…) read it, it appears that work that is created in Canada or Mexico out of 100% Canadian or Mexican components isn’t subject to duties on import, but I’d like to know ahead of time that if I show up at the border with $10,000 (retail) worth of artwork, that I’m not going to create any problems.

    Is there a form I need? I have everything labeled as made in Canada, and have my suppliers’ assurances of the origins of all of their products in North America. Nothing is protected or restricted (no animal skins, fruits, vegetables, food products etc etc)


    Your Question has been Submitted
    The reference number for your question is ‘080727-000055’.

    Due to the backlog of emails and an increase of phone calls if you intend to travel or require assistance within the next TWO (2)- THREE (3) months please call us toll free at 1-877-227-5511 or if you are outside the United States our Toll number at 703-526-4200 and speak with a Public Information Officer.

    If you need to add information to or cancel your question, you can do so by updating it through the questions sub area of the ‘My Stuff’ section of this site.

    Two to three months of backlog in responding to emails? That’s insane. I guess I’ll just call them.


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