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    I received an unsolicited offer today for the foo.ca domain name. I’m surprised I don’t get them more often, being a three letter word that has a real (albeit niche) meaning. Yes it’s a .ca address, but there’s nothing wrong with being Canadian, unless you listen to those bigoted .com types. Just try to find a three letter combination that isn’t taken in the .com name space.

    I’ve had this name since 2000, when the .ca name space opened up to regular Canadians. Prior to that you had to be incorporated federally in order to garner a .ca name, or provincially to get a .bc.ca (or another province), or had to be a municipal entity for a vancouver.bc.ca address. Not ideal. The auction came up, and I had placed a half dozen bids on domains like arcti.ca, antarcti.ca, eroti.ca, and a number of other potentially amusing names. As the auction was first come, first served, you were at the mercy of your registrar’s speed and luck. I did win fuc.ca and foo.ca. While I did enjoy the humorous potential of mutha.fuc.ca, I let that registration go, and kept only foo.ca for the longest time.

    It looks good on business cards, and “xinit@foo.ca” can communicate something about the person on the other end when it’s on a card or on a resume. It’s a nice short domain for watermarking my images on etsy, and it’s handy to link to. There’s an established traffic and an established presence here on foo.ca and there has been for nearly 9 years; most of a decade.

    All that said, for the right price, I’d let you walk off with foo.ca. That price, however, is not low.

    How does someone put a price on of this? Easy; start with any six numbers from zero to 9; choose them at random if you’d like. Now line them up in a row, place a number between one and ten to the left of that string, write this whole list numbers in the amount field on a cheque, sign it, date it today, and as soon as the cheque clears your bank account, we’ll get the technical details worked out. If you have something really interesting that you’re going to place on the domain, I might want in on that too, but that we can discuss that while we’re waiting for the cheque to clear.


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