• Evolution of a series of paintings – III

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    I’ve been doing an hour here, an hour there. Between doing some web updates and tinkering with the logo-fish (well, sea horse) for Binarysoul, and between thinking of making robot buttons and scanning old photos in… It’s been a busy day.

    Here’s a brief glance into the current state of the latest little custom project; pictures of some major steps, including a recap of pictures from posts I and II for direct comparison.

    Prepare the blank cards

    Sketch and ink the designs

    Start colour

    Complete initial underpainting

    Layers later

    Nearly there. I have a red to heighten, a second layer of a darker green on the green bits, and some re-inking to do. If you can’t / don’t stay inside the lines, re-draw the lines.

    Again, anyone looking for paintings or photos; custom or otherwise, you can find them at http://xinit.etsy.com


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