• Blinded by science

    by  • 6/27/2008 • geek, video • 0 Comments

    You ever see a guy with a yo yo giving some lame talk about personal development or how to walk (the dog) with Jesus? Maybe your school, or your summer camp as a kid had some traveling freak show of people come in to “Yo” for you, or maybe even you saw that Simpsons episode? Yeah, forget it. The yo-yo becomes a work of art only when done to the works of Black Sabbath. Satan’s a huge fan of physics, and Cappy did a fine job showing off the dark arts and even the Laughing Squid stopped laughing for just a couple of minutes, struck dumb by the magic.

    If your heart is cold and dead and you feel that you can’t watch this, at least try to watch with the sound on from 2:00 until 2:20 and from 4:15 until you can pick your jaw back up off the floor. He does things after the four minute mark that no mere mortal should be able to accomplish without a pact with the dark one…

    The video is from Stickergiant who I’m likely going to have print up some stickers for both Binarysoul and a little project that came to mind earlier today.


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