• Enough to make me leave Telus?

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    I’m not really motivated to get an iPhone, but those prices aren’t so b… oh… on a three year plan. I wonder how horrible Rogers is going to be with the data rate. If it’s more than $15 for unlimited data, I’ll stay with my Windows Mobile brick and my separate 80GB iPod.

    “We’re excited to be working with Rogers to bring iPhone 3G to Canada,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “We can’t wait to get this revolutionary phone in the hands of even more people around the world.” iPhone 3G will operate on Rogers’ High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) wireless network, the fastest mobile network in Canada. HSPA is nationally available in the top Canadian urban centers from Vancouver to Halifax, covering more than 60 percent of the population. iPhone 3G will also operate on Roger’s coast-to-coast GSM/EDGE network, proven to be the country’s most reliable wireless network. Starting July 11, iPhone 3G will sell for $199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb model, on a three-year plan. More details on price plans and retail availability will be available soon. — Rogers press release

    Roger’s existing “unlimited” data plan is a bit of a joke, offering unlimited access to mobile versions of “Facebook, Flickr, MySpace Mobile, news, sports, weather, entertainment and more!” for $7, plus some offensive data charges:

    Up to 5MB = $15/MB
    5MB > 10MB = $10/MB
    10MB > 20MB = $5/MB
    more than 20MB = $0.50/MB thereafter

    So, let’s see what you’d be looking at paying if you use a measly 25 MB of data to download some images or songs from a provider that Rogers classifies as “ineligible data usage with the Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing Plan”. Maybe you download a podcast or viewed a couple large images on someone’s Livejournal page, or you uploaded a couple photos to a non-approved web site?

    First 5MB: $75

    Second 5MB: $50

    Next 10MB: $50

    Another 5MB: $2.50

    That 25 MB of unlimited access would cost $7 + 75 + 50 + 50 + 2.50 = $184.50

    What a bargain! At least with my Telus account, unlimited data is really unlimited data. Yeah, unless they deliver a miracle, I’ll be sticking with the brick, thanks.


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