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    I was a bit stumped today, trying to subscribe to a podcast by Bad Science writer Ben Goldacre. See, the only obvious link to his Bad Science Podcast is the one that goes off to the iTunes shop. The iTunes shop has a sign out front that says “No shoes, No software, No service” and I was prevented from entering on both counts.

    I tried choosing a category on his blog, tried the overarching rss feed, but it wasn’t delivering what I believed it should be. So, Google time. Problem is that the first link I turned up was, frustratingly, down with a database connection error. So, I grabbed at the cached copy to find this.

    I was stumped the other day trying to download a podcast from a site that published the podcast through the itunes portal. The reason I was stumped is because you can only download an itunes podcast from a computer that is running macos or windows with apples itunes software installed. I run Linux on my current computer which is a PII 350Mhz would you believe it!!!! Runs everything fine including all the woo-woo techie stuff!!! That’s one for sustainability and one for Linux!!!! anyway…..

    He mentioned a bit of Python code that might do the deed; itunes-url-decoder.py

    # itunes-url-decoder.py
    # A quick and dirty Python hack to retrieve the RSS feed URL from an
    # iTunes Music Store (ITMS) podcast URL.
    # Written in August 2007 by Andrew Clarke
    # and released to the public domain.

    Sounds about right, but I think he’d doing too much work.

    I used the code as a jumping off point, and there’s nothing that surprising or difficult; the only sneaky bit is that the itms:// URL embedded in the source of that “No shoes” denial page works just fine, but delivers a binary. It’s just a compressed xml page, so that’s easy enough. Trouble is that it’s an Apple XML page, soi I’ll likely have to dig more to make this useful, as Amarok doesn’t handle that sort of thing very gracefully.


    2 Responses to Bad Podcaster

    1. bengo
      6/10/2008 at 7:24 am

      there’s not a lot there but if you subscribe to the main feed in a podcast catcher prog then it works.

      ben goldacre, knowing nothing about computers, would love someone who knows how to set this up properly to help him…

    2. xinit
      6/10/2008 at 10:25 am

      Ah, so maybe the small handful of things that did show up when I subscribed to the main feed was correct. I thought maybe you had been doing a regular show as well?

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