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    Tania found the following choice piece of clueless commentary among the protectionist responses to the revitalization plans that are being considered for Halifax.

    Protect the harbour views at all costs. Protect harbour views whenever possible – this is what makes Halifax stand out from the other cities – you canít see the harbour in Edmonton or Calgary. The harbour is a part of the heart and soul of this city – it is therefore a cellular part of its residents. Encourage well designed new buildings around it. — Public comments (PDF) on the city’s study

    The Calgary harbour’s over-rated, anyhow; very little shipping trade between Calgary and Red Deer these days, ever since the late Jurassic when the last oceans running through Alberta dried up. Sure, there have been motions to force the government to invest in bringing the oceans back to the east side of the Rocky Mountains, but those bastards only pay attention to “Have provinces”…

    Seriously, with this many universities and colleges in town, you’d think that there’d be less stupid overall.


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