• Caution; I can fight back

    by  • 5/30/2008 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    I’m not as afraid of cars or the people that drive them as I likely should be.

    When I’m in a pedestrian crossing with a green light, a nice fresh light, and other people, do not come anywhere near me. If you push your metric ton of metal into a crosswalk, hoping to beat the pedestrians, and you come close enough to me to make me stop, I will damage your vehicle in self defense.

    Kicking, and denting your precious baby is the only thing that will get your attention, pull you away from the cell phone, or whatever is keeping your mind off the task at hand of not killing anyone.

    Thursday, a car decided that he’d race the light, gunning his car into a right turn as the light goes green, cutting off a dozen pedestrians. If you’re close enough that I can touch your car, you’re close enough to do me damage… Of course, the reverse is also true.

    People here in Halifax are very skittish drivers as a rule; if you even glance at the road in the middle of a block, they’ll slam on the brakes, not moving until you cross the street; sometimes you have to cross streets you didn’t even want to, just to get things moving again. This makes the aggressive, asshole drivers more noticeable, and more of a danger.

    Thursday’s car ended up with a foot sized dent in the right front panel, and a suggestion that he learn to drive. He stopped, mid cross-walk, and yelled, blaming one of the other pedestrians who was apparently standing too close to the curb; this somehow caused him to drive through a crosswalk… ?

    Anyway, he has a dent in his car that might remind him to pay attention to what he’s doing.


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