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    Better than the original

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    Why did nobody tell me of Devo’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like A Hole? I prefer its campy creepiness to Trent’s teenage angstiness. I think it’s worth the overhead of the other, relatively uninspired covers it’s shared CD space with, though you can always get just that one track from some electronic source…

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    Let the punishment fit the crime

    by  • 5/28/2008 • insanity, news • 0 Comments

    From the “punishment fits the crime” department, two men are facing two years in jail if convicted of “crimes against nature” in the form of sodomy. I’m waiting for the story about the guy charged with possession of marijuana being provided with a two-year supply and being forced to smoke it… “Raleigh police are charging […]

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    Bacterial Deconstruction Crew

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    Convincing plastic bags to self-destruct in a matter of weeks. Kid breeds a vat of bacteria that find nothing tastier than polyethelene plastic bags you collect at your local grocery store. Next, Burd tested his strains’ effectiveness at different temperatures, concentrations and with the addition of sodium acetate as a ready source of carbon to […]

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