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    In the interests of reducing space, I’m getting rid of a lot of media that we simply don’t listen to or watch anymore. It’s just so bulky…

    There’s a table of just over sixty items continued after the jump, all DVDs and CDs at this point; just things that I have listed in the Amazon Marketplace. I mostly did that in order to gauge what the going price is for some of these items. With the ways that Amazon Marketplace works, and the commissions and shipping limitations they impose, anything priced below $8 may as well be given away.

    If it’s a double-sized DVD box, it costs nearly $10 to ship in Canada, but Amazon will only pay out ~$3.75 for shipping, so a $20 item in a double width case ends up running $10 for shipping, $4 in commissions to Amazon… $20 + 3.75 (shipping) – $10 – $4 = $9.75, which is pretty harsh. I’m not sure how the marketplace stores that low-ball items at pennies can do it unless they enjoy giving money away.

    I also have a small stack of cut-outs and promo CDs that I’ll send out to people who are willing to cover the cost of shipping. I’ll put together a list of those items this weekend if time permits.

    Audio CDs

    1990-2000 Best Of by U2

    Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives by Novillero

    An Answer Can Be Found by Cky

    Billion Dollar Babies by Alice Cooper

    Countryman by Willie Nelson

    Control Me by The Forgotten

    Dark Was The Night by Blind Willie Johnson

    Forget What You Know by Midtown

    Gold Medal by The Donnas

    Greatest Hits Vol.2 by Weird Al Yankovic

    Hopelessly Devoted to You – Volume 3 by Various

    Invitation to Suicide by Various (Mudhoney, White Flag, Gories, etc)

    Jazz by Queen

    La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol.1 by White Zombie

    Let It Die by Feist

    Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway

    Sea Change by Beck

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden

    Smells Like Children by Marilyn Manson

    Spirit by Jewel

    Think Tank by Henry Rollins

    This Is the Story by The Proclaimers

    Tomorrow Starts Today by Mobile

    Tri-Continental by Tri-Continental

    Tubular Bells 2 by Mike Oldfield

    You Are All Diseased by George Carlin


    Amélie (2003)

    American Pie [Unrated] (Widescreen) (2004) Paul Weitz; Jason Biggs…

    Arlington Road (2004) Mark Pellington; Jeff Bridges; Tim Robbins; Joan…

    Chappelle’s Show: Season 1 – Uncensored [2 Discs] (2004)

    Crash (Widescreen Edition) (2005) (2006)

    Ed Wood (Special Edition) (2004) Tim Burton; Norman Alden; Don Amendolia

    Ghostbusters (1999) Ivan Reitman; Bill Murray; Dan Aykroyd; Sigourney…

    Hero by Zhang Yimou

    Hotel Rwanda (2005)

    Hustle and Flow (Widescreen Edition) (2006) Craig Brewer; Isaac Hayes…

    Joe’s Apartment (Full Screen) (1999) John Payson; Jerry O’Connell; Megan

    Kikujiro (Widescreen) (2001) Takeshi Kitano; Yusuke Sekiguchi; Kayoko…

    Kwaidan (Widescreen) (2002) Masaki Kobayashi; Yoichi Hayashi; Kei Sato…

    Les Invasions Barbares (2005)

    Mr. Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons (2002)

    Murderball (2008)

    Paper Clips (Widescreen Special Edition) (2006)

    Pieces Of April (2004)

    Prozac Nation (2005)

    September Tapes (2005)

    Serial Experiments Lain: V1 Navi (2002) Ryutaro Nakamura; Sparky Thornton

    Short 1: Invention (1999) Ron Fricke; Michael Apted

    Shrek 2 (Widescreen) (2005) Andrew Adamson; Conrad Vernon; Julie Andrews

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Widescreen) (2005)

    Stuart Little (Widescreen) (2000) Rob Minkoff; Michael J. Fox; Geena…

    Tarnation (2005) (2005)

    The Clash: Rude Boy (2006) Jack Hazan; David Mingay; The Clash; Ray Gange

    The Mummy Returns (Widescreen) (2004) Stephen Sommers; Brendan Fraser…

    The Usual Suspects (1999) Bryan Singer; Stephen Baldwin; Gabriel Byrne…

    Third Strike (2007)

    Traffic (Widescreen) (2005) Steven Soderbergh; Michael Douglas; Don…

    Vol. 2 Second Serving (2007)

    William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (2007) Baz Luhrmann; Leonardo…

    X-Men (Widescreen) (2001) Bryan Singer; Hugh Jackman; Patrick Stewart…

    Zero Effect (Widescreen/Full Screen) (1998) Jake Kasdan; Bill Pullman…

    Video Games

    New Super Mario Bros (vf) [Nintendo DS]


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