• Some Real Primates In Action

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    There was a story the other day in what passes for a newspaper in Halifax. I’d link to it, but the Chronicle Herald has one of the worst web pages I’ve ever seen. They even have RSS feeds, though even the links from those become useless after about 24 hours; there must be big money in those online archives from this paper that is little better than a high school newsletter.

    Well, Google cache was able to cough up a copy of the story, even with some of the earlier comments. I’ve saved that story locally as things eventually expire from cache.

    It’s all about a report that details the problem with crime here in the big city of Halifax. While many people ‘know’ that there is a problem with violent crime here, and while the government ‘knows’ that there’s a problem. The plural of anecdote is not data, so a study shouldn’t be such a horrible thing.

    These people don’t understand that all humans are primates.

    g00gp99: any idiot who wastes 1,000’s of bucks,to put out a 650 page report telling us that the crime in halifax,and areas are soaring,ought to have their heads examined.anyone living here knows that,now fix the damn trouble.never mind spending more tax dollars on stupid papers

    fmarsland: A 68K study? Anyone with a pulse paying even the slightest attention to the happenings in HRM over the last 10 years could have reported this to the mayor for the price of a hot cup of coffee.

    Halifaxers wrote: A $68,000 study? I can’t believe the idiot’s we have running this fine city of ours needed to pay that kind of money to to realize that we have a problem here. I’m no expert and I’m not here to tell anyone how to fix the problem but lets be honest, actions speak louder than words. Lets see some action.

    Halifax_Guy wrote: We have Primates running City Hall.

    Scott from NS: Absolutely ridiculous!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Sending mailout surveys and phone surveys to get a true rating of risk as compared to other towns/cities in the country? All that gives you is people’s perception of the situation, not a real risk analysis. Send these people to Toronto, Vancover, Winnipeg on the poorer side of town and you’ll find that their perception of Halifax’s safety will change in a hurry. We seem to be stuck in this “touchy, feely” paradigm in this province, why deal in facts when you can make decisions based on how people “feel”.

    nova_man: Halifax_guy…as much as I would like to agree with you, I have to disagree because primates have the upper hand on intelligence.

    hlywd68: What an embarrassment this is for Halifax. Why on earth would anybody reading this story outside of Halifax want to move hear. Its just story after story of incompetence from either Kelly or Macdonald.

    JohnJon: When the federal government get off their lazy asses and stop worrying about their perks and salaries, do what has to be done, things will change. The major problem with crime anywhere in this country is the courts and judges. They have laws that protect the criminals instead of the victims.Changing the criminal sentencing laws is the one thing that will change everything. Why is it that a person who commits a crime is out in 2 or 3 years. We have murders walking our streets after 7 or 8 years. Pedophiles, armed robbers out in 2 or 3 and drug dealers doing less time than a hockey player in a penaly box.

    TJBaker: Curfews need to be imposed once again to get a grip on the swarming perpetrators who are usually in the 14-17 year old range.

    ivyleague: I’ve got a simple solution to reduce crime: employment.

    ramac10: Halifax Guy, is Primates the same as inbreds?


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