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    Some Real Primates In Action

    by  • 5/27/2008 • Halifax, life • 0 Comments

    There was a story the other day in what passes for a newspaper in Halifax. I’d link to it, but the Chronicle Herald has one of the worst web pages I’ve ever seen. They even have RSS feeds, though even the links from those become useless after about 24 hours; there must be big money […]

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    The foo.ca Garage Sale

    by  • 5/27/2008 • movies, music • 0 Comments

    In the interests of reducing space, I’m getting rid of a lot of media that we simply don’t listen to or watch anymore. It’s just so bulky… There’s a table of just over sixty items continued after the jump, all DVDs and CDs at this point; just things that I have listed in the Amazon […]

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