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    There’s just something about getting a CD before everyone else; hearing a CD months before the pointi n time that the band’s label decided to open the gates to the public. That is really 70% of the attraction that I have had to music journalism; the other 30% split between free concerts, photo passes and backstage access, and interview time slots. Doing something that not everyone else can do is pretty cool.

    I recently came into a small number of summer releases for a couple bands, and I loaded them onto the iPod yesterday, all ready to listen to them today at the office. Vancougar has their new full length Canadian Tuxedo coming out in June, and it’s pretty good. Eden has an incredible voice; I’m not sure who I’m thinking of when I hear her; Debbie Harry? Exene Cervenka? I honestly can’t come up with the name … Anyhow, this is one of the three currently active bands that I see as helping to shape a real core sound for Mint Records; The New Pornographers, The Evaporators, and Vancougar. Synthesizers, guitar, and a loud, upbeat sound that is almost like a grown up cub.

    The Pack A.D. released their first album with Mint Records in January of this year, and they have a second ready for release in August, titled Funeral Mixtape. A bit of rebel Delta blues, a bit of rock, and a whole lot of sound out of one guitar and one drum kit. The White Stripes wish they sounded this good. Really good album.



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