• If anyone asks, I was with you all afternoon.

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    There’s some sort of Christian youth group posing for pictures on the front of the cathedral across the street.

    While they’re waiting, they’re singing whatever is new and amusing in the group sing along and act it out genre of songs. It’s not precisely a campfire song; more of an elicit death threats from the bus driver kind of song.

    There’s a marching action, a windmilling of the arms, and some co-ordinated jumping. Making it more annoying, is that the lyrics don’t quite carry so all I hear is somthing like

    clap-clap-clap-clap… mmm meee laaa mam mnnna

    clap-clap … gnnn jull mmm neee ala (high-step marching motion)

    clap-clap … renji aa mmm nal (thrust pelvis forward and windmill arms)

    WHOO WHOOO (jump jump)

    Over and over again.

    So, yeah, if anyone asks you; I was totally with you all afternoon. We went to lunch at the mall and then to see the first evening show of Iron Man. No, no reason… but just in case anyone asks.

    Where’s that laser scope gone?


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