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    I’ve really fallen off on adding new tracts to my Chick Tract Satire page. Technically, it’s a page of satire, parody, spoofs, knock-offs, homages, and not just satire, but “Chick Tract Satire, Parody, Spoof, Knock-off, and Homages” is a bit of a mouthful. Anyhow, we’re up to 14 in total, and I have a couple emails out to some people who are rumoured to have created printed tracts; see if we can’t convince them to provide a copy for the archive. I’m happy to keep your identity anonymous if you fear the Great Jack Chick Cease And Desist Letter.

    I thought that I’d already added a copy of Who’s Your Daddy, but I was mistaken. Today’s additions include a pro-LSD tract that could be printed up and distributed at raves with a tab in the back, a pro-evolution tract, an odd Army atheist re-working, and a Satanist interpretation of Jesus’ instructions to his followers;

    Who's Your DaddyWhat Jesus Would Do

    Unholy Joe


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