• Two Milestones; one good, one not so good

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    California’s trying again to allow anyone to get married that wants to; if you’ve been eying that cute little box turtle up at the aquarium, now is your chance in California. Box Turtle Bulletin has a great state-by-state map as well.

    But [Chief Justice Ronald] George, in a 121-page opinion, said California has already recognized, in its laws and public policy, that gays and lesbians are entitled to equal treatment in every legal area except marriage. He also noted that state laws and traditions banned interracial marriage until the California Supreme Court, in 1948, became the first court in the nation to overturn such a law.

    I’m just now listening to an NPR Science Friday podcast from last week, discussing an anniversary that nobody really enjoys celebrating.

    In May 1983, the first scientific papers were published describing the possible connection between a retrovirus and the development of AIDS. The virus went on to become known as HIV. Experts discuss whether, 25 years later, scientists any closer to a cure for AIDS or to a vaccine to prevent HIV transmission. “The recent failure of two clinical trials suggests that a vaccine is not around the corner.” — MP3 link to the NPR episode (there were some audio problems on my copy around 8-9 minutes, but it evens out)

    Wow; placebos in an HIV trial; with full disclosure to the participants, but it’s still amazing.


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