• Cell phone fix-up

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    I hate my cell phone, but for reasons that are easily fixed. The talk time on my battery has dropped off pretty sharply, and I’m lucky to get 20 minutes of talk. I have a charger at work and a charger at home, and sometimes the standby to get from one to the other AND talk for 10 minutes is just too much for it to handle.

    It’s so bad that the warning chirp that the battery is going to die doesn’t even complete its short little chirp before the phone has shut down. Chir

    To be fair, this battery and phone are over two years old. Sure, I could look to upgrade in another six months when my contract is up, but Telus just doesn’t have anything interesting to replace it with. This one has a decent sized keyboard that doesn’t take up real estate from the screen. I don’t like the Blackberry offerings and their itty bitty keys.

    So, after a bit of digging online, ignoring the $60 standard replacement batteries from the cellphone vendors, I’ve found an off-brand extended (2.5 times the capacity) battery for $10. That should extend the life of this phone out a couple more years anyhow. Now if only DealExtreme.com had a $5 bluetooth headset that sucked less than my phone’s built-in mic does.


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