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    I ordered a little bit of magic technology that would allow me to hook up a stack of old hard drives and go through them looking for anything interesting that might be on them. A lot of the posts I wrote here had linked to images that were saved on a server that I took offline without migrating the data drives to the newer, smaller box that replaced it; I’d get to it soon…

    It’s been nearly two years since that happened, and the hard drives have been gathering dust. I had no idea if they were even functional any more, or what I would find on them.

    There is a set of Einstürzende Neubauten images that I thought I might have lost, that I feel have some of my best concert photos. At the head of this post you can see Emo Blixa and Happy Van backstage in Vancouver, and there’s a Blixa on the verge of laughing as he jams my wife’s head in his jacket.

    A whole lot of photos that I thought I had already loaded onto Flickr, so I’ve been spending some amount of time today uploading and organizing photos. There will be many more going up as bandwidth will allow; it’s slow going.


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