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    I posted another response to Creationist Nutbar (CreNu) and he deleted that as well. I asked him to tell me where the alleged book was on that poorly designed site, because there wasn’t any mention of it…

    Patrick G_____ Today at 12:55am
    Stop whining! I gave you the website. It took me two seconds to find the book: http://www.doesgodexist.org/Catalog/Catalog.html

    Keep in mind, that he’s READ the book that he ORDERED from that site that he’s a regular visitor to. Go, see if you can easily find the information on the book loan program and how to arrange it…

    Richard Murray Today at 1:26am
    You’ve been there before. I went to the page and saw nothing about books or borrowing or anything. Being a an arrogant dick because you’ve been to this website before and you saw the book before and you borrowed the book before doesn’t help your case. If you really want to help convert us to His Loving ways, maybe you’d make it a bit easier and try to walk in His steps more literally.

    The website you linked to was www.doesgodexist.org – in case YOU missed it. I read the magazine, I checked the archives, and I went tot he Request Materials link and none of those had information on borrowing a book. Searching for “book” on the front page didn’t help…

    Even then the info on borrowing isn’t the most straight forward. Thanks, I might consider it, though I am loathe to pay return shipping on a book I don’t plan to keep simply to refute it.

    We’re the atheist whiners, we’re the pretentious ones, and this is the guy walking with Jesus?

    Edited to add my ‘whining’ post? Found it in an old browser window;

    Richard Murray wrote at 10:14pm yesterday
    Patrick: I tried to find this book “The Source–Eternal Design or Infinite Accident?” on the site you linked, but I couldn’t find it, let alone the word “eternal” or “source”… Are you referring to the online journal, or do you have a more specific link on that page?


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