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    There was once a creationist nut (CreNu, we’ll call him) who facebook-friended a whole bunch of atheists and skeptics. There were good conversations happening in groups, etc, so many of us accepted his terms. We’re not all against those that have invisible friends, we just don’t see the invisible so readily…

    Well, CreNu posted a note that vaguely looked like a book review, or it called itself a book review at least. Well, it confused many of us who read it or followed the link to the site.

    […] After making his case Clayton then has chapters that discuss the nature of God, the nature of man, the problem and origin of evil, and other fascinating subjects. A tour de force! Recommended reading for anyone interested in studying some of the evidence for the existence of God. This book can be borrowed for free from www.doesgodexist.org

    Now, I went to the linked page and I wasn’t impressed by the juvenile layout, or the bad web design; so I commented on that after about a dozen other people had already written replies far more abrasive. I revisited it later when I received an email that told me that someone had commented, but I had problems; I couldn’t find the followup reply nor could I find mine.

    “Fair enough” I thought; I had been off topic and was just picking on the web (lack of) design and the questionable quality of self-published magazines. Then I saw the other posts; a whole bunch of people pissed that their long and well thought out replies had been turfed without so much as a reply or anything.

    CreNu didn’t like hard questions, it seems. I posted again, after revisiting the horrible web site to find this book he mentioned in the title of his note; “Book Review: The Source–Eternal Design or Infinite Accident?” I couldn’t find it anywhere. There’s no mention of even the words “source” or “eternal” on the page when I do a search. The only real downloadables that I could find were PDFs of the tract / magazine that they make available. I’ve asked for more information from CreNu, but I’m not holding out hope.

    I couldn’t resist replying to one guy who didn’t care for his post being deleted;

    Dan _____ wrote at 8:22am
    Hey! Where’s my post? Has there been an Ephesian book burning here, or what? Nothing changes…

    Richard Murray wrote at 11:15am
    Dan: your posting was deemed to be a heretical gnostic tract in an emergency council in Nicaea regarding facebook postings. Our apologies, but burn in Hell, blasphemer! Again, we really do apologize.


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