• Christian Food Fetishists

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    I was shocked yesterday to learn that there are people on this planet that have not been properly introduced to the real meanings behind everyday produce that you find in your local grocery store. Peanut butter, bananas, kidneys and carrots are among the foods that prove to the vapid that God exists. No need of reality here, we’ve got Proof.

    The video that brought about the realization in me (most recently… this happens all the time) that not everyone has seen everything on the internet. I present to you, The Atheist’s Nightmare starring Ray Comfort and his marionette, Kirk Cameron. Ignore that the modern ‘dessert’ banana was made by man through selective breeding, and try not to giggle when he shows how easy it is to insert it in your face.

    Nick Gisburne is an atheist with a better suggestion of a Christian’s Nightmare object… THE PINEAPPLE!

    Chuck Missler and Smarmy Woman with their story of how Peanut Butter proves Darwin was a poo poo head.

    Also, I find from Pharyngula today a great representative sample of the amazing pool of awful that GodTube brings to the table. Check the Pharyngula comments section for some interesting information about how wrong the following video is.


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