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    New Nine Inch Nails – Free

    by  • 5/5/2008 • life • 1 Comment

    Are you paying attention, Music Industry? Trent Reznor has announced the new Nine Inch Nails album; Slip aka Halo 27, and not unlike the ambient Ghosts release, It’s free for the taking. Oh, you’ll be able to go buy the CD and such later on, but for now, the album’s completely gratis. Of course, with […]

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    Christian vs. Atheist Brain Meat Study

    by  • 5/5/2008 • science • 0 Comments

    Sam Harris is doing a study, but only people who identify as either a “dedicated Christian” or an “atheist/nonbeliever” – none of those fence-sitting middle of the road bastards. We are preparing to run another fMRI study of belief and disbelief, and we need volunteers to help us refine our experimental stimuli. This promises to […]

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