• Praise Be To Saint Norman!

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    A mycologist / atheist / fan of reason writing under the pseudonym Mike O’Risal at Hyphoid Logic has been conducting a scientific experiment in evaluating the quality and quantity of divine intervention.

    I’m a relatively empirically-minded individual, so I think an experiment is in order. While Twyman is praying to the Invisible Man in the Sky to lower gas prices, I’m going to make supplications to the ghost of Normal Fell to raise them. Fell, who was most famous for playing Mr. Roper on the 1970’s hit TV series Three’s Company, died in 1998.

    He has seen real, honest proof of the power of prayer in providing tangible, distinct evidence of divine actions here on earth. I’m amazed; this kind of thing could have me set aside my atheism and setup an altar to properly honour this divine entity that has shown His hand as being much more powerful than that of the God of Abraham!

    Despite the pray-ins led by Rocky Twyman on both coasts involving multiple participants, my solitary (as far as I know) prayers to the Disembodied Spirit of Mr. Roper appear to be having a greater empirical effect. So far, the evidence (if we start from the assumption that praying to anything at all ever changes anything outside the mind of the supplicant) supports my Fell-is-stronger-than-Jehovah hypothesis.

    Norman Fell is causing the price of gas to rise, fighting the prayers and powers of the Christian God! It’s amazing; this should prove to all Christians just how wrong they have been, and they will begin to study the holy scripture that is Three’s Company.



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