• Peddling Wares in Halifax

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    I spent the weekend minding a table full of shiny objects for the absent Tania, who has ventured across country on a mission involving sushi, sanity, and plentiful cheap coffee beans to sustain us in the upcoming year. Sadly, I don’t imagine that there are proper steam buns from China Town in my future; or Kolachi buns from Yaletown or Vietnamese buns or proper Indian food; nothing like this could survive the 8 day trip back to this coast (a couple days for family in Alberta, and a day lost to the Traveling Black Hole of Toronto).

    With the craft fair, it was really quite busy; people weren’t parting with their cash as readily as I would have liked, but after overhead of the table costs, and feeding booth minder me, and transportation, we’re still up a hundred bucks or so. The first thing touched – or poked – is the pile of a dozen hackey sacks that stacked on the table. There could be a basket that has a sign “Free Money – take some” and people would reach over it to poke a hackey. The crowd was pretty steady in the first hours, and nearly everyone stopped to poke one; I could have been charging $2 a poke and made a mint. People who know what they are exclaim “That is exactly how they should always have been made!” or “What a great idea!” or “That is an amazing idea!” or variations on that theme.

    Even those that weren’t sure of the function of this odd ball of metal were intrigued, and you could tell them by the odd look in their eyes, as they tentatively reached out one shaking finger to poke at these strange items as if they might shock or bite them. Once the initial contact had been made, most people smiled; even if they didn’t quite understand it, they still appreciated it.

    That said, no hackey sales, even though the price was set lower than on Etsy, if just to ease the change-making.

    I have other notes from the weekend, and I’ll have to do a longer post when I’m not in need of a shower and some food before heading into the office… The crowd and the other vendors were great; I was surprised that this was Halifax; even when I mentioned that we were new to Halifax, some people still bought things, knowingly supporting People From Away. Wonders never cease…


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