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    I made a little quiz for the movie Expelled, but I’m including the whole thing here seeing as how not everyone has Facebook, or cares to have the Flixter application installed (it does steal your soul, but you get used to it). If you’d prefer to take the test on Flixster, just go to the page for the movie Expelled – it’s available right there.

    I even left in my unintentional double negative… If you’re paying as little attention to answering as I did to writing it, I’m sure you won’t even notice.

    Question 1

    How does the movie define evolution?
    1. As a belief system made up by crazy scientists
    2. As a zionist conspiracy
    3. As a plot by Christian hating secularists
    4. They never define evolution

    Question 2

    “Darwinism also has not one meaningful word to say on the origins of organic life”. (Ben Stein, Darwinism: The Imperialism of Biology, on Expelled The Movie blog.) Why did Darwin never cover how life begin, aka abiogenesis?
    1. Darwin was a follower of Hitler
    2. Darwin wasn’t trying to explain the origin of life
    3. It’s part of a larger coverup by the Biology Cabal

    Question 3

    Ben Stein says in Expelled, “Jonathan Wells is also making progress using intelligent design theory in his research on cancer.” How is Jonathan Wells incorporating ID science in his research?
    1. He prays for 4 hours a day over petri dishes
    2. He invokes Design when convenient, apparently to avoid further study

    Question 4

    “Intelligent design was being suppressed in a systematic and ruthless fashion” (Ben Stein, Expelled). Why does science not acknowledge the validity of ID data?
    1. Science worships Satan, and they willfully ignore all the evidence ID has laid before them
    2. Science is heresy. Vaccines cause autism. Ancient knowledge is best.
    3. Scientists are scared, they cower before God and deny him
    4. There is no data, and the film presented none

    Question 5

    What is the real issue?
    1. Suppression of ID
    2. lack of warrant for its scientific claims

    Question 6

    Referring to evolution, scientists “say the debate has been settled, that the issues are settled.”(Bruce Chapman, Expelled) Why do scientists hold so strongly to this?
    1. They’re afraid of the Truth
    2. They’re big poopie-heads
    3. They worship Satan, and he commands it.
    4. Scientists have been researching evolution for 150 years, and it continues to be well supported by n

    Question 7

    Intelligent Design deserves a place in academia: “What about academic freedom? I mean, can’t we just talk about this?” — Ben Stein, Expelled Which other topics should be added to the science curriculum?
    1. Transmutation
    2. Prayer
    3. How about sticking to empirical fact

    Question 8

    How many Jews did Darwin kill?
    1. None
    2. One
    3. Millions

    Question 9

    What does evolutionary biology lead to?
    1. Eugenics, jack boots, and concentration camps
    2. Godless liberals and their damned socialized medicine
    3. More answers, more questions, and a furthering of total human knowledge about the world

    Question 10

    Why was Richard Sternberg fired from the NIH in 2004, as editor of Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington?
    1. He was caught saying grace before a meal
    2. They’re afraid of the Truth, obviously
    3. He was not an employee, but an unpaid assistant until 2006. He was not fired.
    4. He published a pro-design article in the magazine and then Scientists burned his house down.

    Question 11

    How is science a religion?
    1. It isn’t; there is nothing that is not exempt from questioning
    2. They accept orders from the Atheist Pope, Richard Dawkins
    3. They perform human sacrifices in Atheist churches
    4. I don’t know, but my pastor said it is.

    Question 12

    “First of all, if you take seriously that evolution has to do with the transition of life forms, and that life and death are just natural processes, then one gets to be liberal about abortion, euthanasia, all of those kinds of ideas, it seems to me, follow very naturally from a Darwinian perspective. The de-privileging of human beings, basically” (Steve Fuller, Expelled)
    1. Atheists are killing babies! Won’t someone think of the children? The children!
    2. Accepting evolution does not make one a murderer. Scientists are fully capable of being moral beings
    3. My pastor says we should kill all the atheists.
    4. I think science is always bad, including this computer I’m using right now

    Question 13

    Why was Iowa State University astronomy professor Guillermo Gonzalez denied tenure?
    1. Science bullies! Everyone gets tenure; all you have to do is ask nicely, and maybe pray on it
    2. Gaining tenure at a major research institution is never easy for someone with a weak academic record
    3. Should have prayed harder
    4. He’s Catholic, and they’re not real Christians, so why should I care?

    Question 14

    How is Intelligent Design different from Creationism?
    1. It isn’t
    2. You shut up, is too. Lalalalalala I can’t hear you!

    Answers: 4 2 2 4 2 4 3 1 3 3 1 2 2 1


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