• Accidentally Backwards

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    I had to pick up another pair of earbuds for the ipod today; the ones I’ve been using have suffered from an internal decapitation that causes the right speaker to cut out every so often. It’s not constant, but the wire leading out of the right side is bent over at the end of the apparently too-stiff strain relief; move that wire too far and it disconnects.

    I picked up a replacement set of $12 Skullcandy “INK’D: Smokin’ Buds” at Radio Shack The Source.

    Apparently $12 is too cheap for them to care which is the right one and which is the left one. I need a track that has an obvious left / right so that I can conduct an experiment and label the results correctly. Seriously, I don’t want to accidentally listen to backwards music; that’s how the devil speaks to you through the rock music…

    I pride my record collection, it’s the only thing I like to do
    But, my dad insists they’re evil things
    with satanic messages in their grooves

    He says he knows this for a fact cause the lord told him so
    And he doesn’t want the voice of Satan
    raging through his humble home.

    Those records are the devil’s music
    And no son of mine’s gonna listen to them
    Sorry son, but you have no choice
    I just can’t have you hearing that devil’s voice

    — SNFU “The Devil’s Voice”


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