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    No spelung alloud.

    by  • 4/14/2008 • life • 1 Comment

    Thanks to the Friendly Atheist pointing out a lovely bit of irony in action, I had to go help out by posting some helpful helpful links for these fans of the Expelled who setup the Facebook group ‘Suporters of Ben Steins Movie – Expelled “No Intelligance Allowed”‘. I appear to have grabbed the screenshot from […]

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    Point 3 on The Atheist Agenda

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    Right after the naked co-ed sauna and just before the pre-dinner cocktails are served, it’s item 3 on the latest Atheist Agenda as dictated to us by PZ; 3. Google bomb. CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE EVOLUTIONARY APPARATUS DIRECTIVE• OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY • OBEY […]

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    Accidentally Backwards

    by  • 4/14/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    I had to pick up another pair of earbuds for the ipod today; the ones I’ve been using have suffered from an internal decapitation that causes the right speaker to cut out every so often. It’s not constant, but the wire leading out of the right side is bent over at the end of the […]

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