• Is this helping or hurting my chances?

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    So, I’m in the middle of a technical interview with someone in another department at the company that I work for, trying to talk my way into an open position for a developer / database role on another team.

    Then comes a question that the interviewer seems to think that I’ve blown with regard to CSS, and I’m stuck. All of my good examples with CSS and the like are in projects that aren’t what I’d normally show to representatives from an investment bank. Do I go ahead and show that I can deal with CSS and the like, or do I go ahead and mention foo.ca? He made it easier by asking if there were any sites that I run on my own, or words to that effect, and I said “Hmmm… yes… well, let me check that it’s work safe.” There was much amused laughter at that point, and I gave them the URL to foo.ca, only noticing later that the burger stand of ill repute domain name was mentioned part way down.

    Okay, the points for owning and self-hosting foo.ca might have more than compensated for any bad words or writing about dead bodies. We’ll see.

    In other news, I’m glad I’ve been re-opening the Systems Admin books and re-learning the life cycle and business stuff. Why has it taken me so long to come back to that stuff?

    In other other news, I need to setup a paypal button to sell heilxenu.org email addresses.


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