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    Go on, sell out already

    by  • 4/30/2008 • music • 0 Comments

    American Laundromat (http://www.alr-music.com/shop.php) is a record company that I’ve picked up a couple good albums from; there are albums full of Pixies, Kim Deal and Neil Young tributes; there are also upcoming Cure and Repo Man albums. A CD tribute to Repo Man; I can hardly wait. I’m not as wild about the Neil Young […]

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    Peddling Wares in Halifax

    by  • 4/29/2008 • art, Halifax • 0 Comments

    I spent the weekend minding a table full of shiny objects for the absent Tania, who has ventured across country on a mission involving sushi, sanity, and plentiful cheap coffee beans to sustain us in the upcoming year. Sadly, I don’t imagine that there are proper steam buns from China Town in my future; or […]

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    The Stone Angel

    by  • 4/29/2008 • festival, film, movies • 2 Comments

    How did I manage to avoid all the typical books forced on high school kids? I’ve never had to read any Margaret Laurence books; none of them. How did I ever graduate from high school in Canada? I’ve never been inclined to pick one up on my own, either, least of all The Stone Angel. […]

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    Hot Eats Cool Treats

    by  • 4/23/2008 • photography • 0 Comments

    I didn’t get a really good shot of it, but the “Hot Eats Cool Treats” sign outside of the Dairy Queen, back light by flames amused my sleep deprived mind early in the morning. More at Flickr including a morning-after shot from the balcony.

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    Pizza Fire

    by  • 4/23/2008 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    I opted to go outside with the dog to get out of the big plume of smoke. Well that, and to see if I couldn’t get a couple decent pictures. I’d have pushed my luck a bit more if I didn’t have the dog on a leash; there were some nice shots that will only […]

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    Where there’s smoke

    by  • 4/23/2008 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    I’m just getting ready for bed about 15 minutes ago, and thought “Hmm… I smell smoke…” It’s not unusual on this side of the country for people to burn wood to heat their homes; it’s that or fuel oil in most cases, as natural gas is seen as unnatural or something. I’m about to dismiss […]

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    My dog has issues

    by  • 4/23/2008 • life • 0 Comments

    Yesterday was the first day I went to work since Tania headed off on the train to Vancouver. Yesterday was also the first day that Sera Dog had to amuse herself for near 10 hours. She did swimingly; no surprises for me other than a dog who greeted me more exuberantly than normal, wagging and […]

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    Love letters from IDiots

    by  • 4/19/2008 • intelligent design, science • 0 Comments

    I received this Facebook message from someone I don’t know named Trey D____ in response to my quiz for the movie Expelled I’ve reformatted it a bit to make it a bit more readable than the solid block of text it came in as; the Bible doesn’t mention linefeeds, it would seem. Iwas looking at […]

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    More preaching of evolution

    by  • 4/18/2008 • science • 0 Comments

    Posted to a long thread of people talking about how they aren’t the great grandchildren of monkeys. While evolutionary theory might suggest that their great grandparents weren’t all that bright, I didn’t have the heart to go for the ad hominem attacks right out of the gate. I only cribbed the theory definition from wikipedia; […]

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