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    I have come to the conclusion that I have a laptop that enjoys being taken for walks. It wouldn’t boot up all last week, and then I took it with me to work this morning, only to have it boot up immediately in the office.

    The laptop’s still under warranty, but I’m going to have some difficulty reproducing the error for a witness. I have a problem that I hated when I worked support; the Loch Ness Computer problem. It never occurs when anyone else is in the room with me and the computer.

    Last time I took it in for service, it did a similar trick, working just fine for the tech, who was able to reboot and reboot and reboot to his heart’s content. As soon as I got it home, no reboot. Took it with me to work, booted. Bring it home and eventually upgrade something in the system that requires a reboot. Click. Nothing.

    Power on, makes the pleasant Macintosh chime noise and nothing. Doesn’t attempt to boot from CD or external drive, doesn’t light up the LCD, nothing. External video device doesn’t show anything, and the hard drive does nothing. Well, the heads don’t unpark, click, or seek. The area around the HD in the case does warm up rather noticeably in a relatively short period of time if left on. Caps lock light can be flipped.

    This would appear to be a mechanical hard drive issue, with the hard drive just not wanting to release the head from park. It doesn’t appear to affect data quality, SMART status is good, and hardware test CD doesn’t show this as a flaw.

    This means that I need to convince a warranty tech support person that I’m not crazy. This does not bode well… Maybe I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind taking my laptop for a walk every now and again. Maybe that’s just easier.


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