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    I’ve just come up with a number of arrangements of small 6x6cm photos taken from contact sheets I had printed a couple years ago. I’m really happy with the arrangements and I think they look great as sets; there’s more than one set that I’d consider getting another set of contact prints made so that I can keep a set myself. As things go, of course, the one I like would never sell, anyhow; the photo and the text from the listing are below. If you’d like to purchase or check out the other sets, click on the picture.

    This set of four features Dark Mystery, Red Ghosts, and pretty flowers.

    These photos are each approximately 2.5″ square, as they are produced by contact printing 6×6 negatives from 120 film. These images were shot with a Lubitel 166, and it does leak light in some interesting ways at times, so flashes of red aren’t unusual in the prints, anymore than dark corners are when shooting in bright light. They’re not perfect square, and the compositions aren’t themselves mounted, so you can feel free to arrange them in any way you see fit; four in a row, mounted on cards, framed, etc.

    I have mounted the contact sheets on black foam core, and rough-cut the images into 2.5″ squares (more or less), and arrange the results into 2×2 compositions. Each of these images is signed and dated on the back.

    The six sets in this series were shot in Vancouver, BC in 2001 and 2002, and you can see a house we rented, a place near where I worked, Nature, a plastic shopping cart, Dark Mystery, and even a Corgi mix dog.

    I’ve only uploaded one other variant so far, and have four more shot and ready to upload over the next day or two.

    From xinit.etsy.com


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