• Old, angry and intense

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    The following is a transcription of the track titled “Hello, I Am Old” from a Henry Rollins live CD. It was recorded live in Australia in 2001, shortly after he turned 40,  and later released as Talk is Cheap Vol 1.

    When you’re young and pissed off, no one bats an eyelash. Young and angry; right on! You’re supposed to be angry when you’re young. Everything in the world makes you mad. The guy leaves you, the girl leaves you. Fuck you!  I hate you! Aaaaaa! and you write ninety pages of shitty journal entries; “That fucking bitch; she will not break me! No one can break me!”

    Then you get a little older, and if you’re still angry, everyone goes “Oh wow, you’re bitter.” You’re a bitter, old curmudgeon. Which is kind of the word for a grouch. You’re curmudegeonly if you’re older and mad.

    If you’re young and intense… Well, yeah, you’re supposed to be young and intense; those two things go together. If you’re older and intense, everyone just goes “My God, are you weird.”

    And if you’re young and have a lot of energy, no one notices because you’re supposed to be able to survive on one candy bar, a Coca-Cola and a bag of noodles a week, plus 11 minutes of sleep and be FINE.


    When you’re older and you have a lot of energy, everyone goes “Wow! you have a lot of energy…”

    Wait for it…

    “…for someone your age!”

    Fuck! They always have to qualify it!

    Time to reclaim “bitter, jaded, old fuck” needs to be reclaimed; so much more positive sounding than curmudgeon. Bitter and jaded sound active, like there was some sort of journey that brought you to this point. A curmudgeon sounds like someone who sat back and watched all the bad things come at him and did nothing but complain about it after the fact.


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